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Elite Law Firm intervenes in tax law in a broad range, that is, in the area of taxation and non-fiscal revenues.

Elite Law Firm advises, assists and represents our taxable clients before central and/or provincial tax authorities during the declaration and payment of dues and taxes, during tax or para-fiscal audits, as well as ligation relating both in administrative and jurisdictional phase. We also assist and represent them during fiscal and para-fiscal audits as well as in administrative and litigation proceedings.

Elite Law Firm also advises and assists our clients on tax issues arising as a result of new investments, and operations such as the incorporation of joint ventures and mergers of companies, and the transfer of goodwill and the transfer and/or cession of real-estate assets of the company.

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In their practice of tax law, Elite Law Firm lawyers and consultants have assisted, advised and conducted the following services for various clients:

  • Diagnostic of the legal and tax framework of Senegalese mining sector in order to improve the legal and regulatory provisions governing the operations of the sector and come up with solutions to enhance the transparency regarding the impact of the mining industry on the national, regional and local economy.
  • Drafting of a report on the competitiveness of the tax, customs and exchange rate systems as organized in the DRC mining code;
  • Organizing taxation as per tax obligations provided for in DRC mining code;
  • Advice, assistance and representation of a client in a dispute against the Center for Evaluation, Expertise and Certification of precious and semi-precious mineral substances (CEEC) relating to compliance with the tax and customs provisions provided for in the mining code and mining regulations;
  • Advice and assistance in the drafting of a comprehensive checklist of the complex tax and accounting obligations of the company to ensure the compliance with the conventional regime by which it was managed and the procedure for the declaration and payment of taxes to which it was legally liable, as well as to clarify the method of accounting for operations performed;
  • Advice and assistance on the review of the tax situation of client in order to proceed with the settlement of the tax debt covered by State’s debt compensation mechanisms with regard to the company;
  • Advice, assistance and representation of clients in various tax and para-fiscal disputes both at administrative and jurisdictional level on complaints and other acts against prosecutions acts illegally initiated by the Tax Authorities. Such was the case for the following:
    • A (jurisdictional) decision for the cancelation of the logging tax illegally initiated by the DGRAD and FFN against the holder of a mining right;
    • Administrative and jurisdictional appeal against taxation on the income of South African service providers to the benefit of a client on the foundation of the tax agreement signed between the DRC government and South Africa.
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