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In the field of customs, Elite Law Firm advises and assists its clients on various issues related to customs law. It also assists in securing a license as customs agents.

Elite Law Firm also advises and assists its clients in the procedure of obtaining the concession of stock warehouses and general stores in customs matters.

Elite Law Firm assists mining companies in the exercise of their mandate vis-à-vis their clients, and other clients (commercial companies, civil companies, non-governmental organizations) in the procedures for obtaining exemptions for materials, goods and equipment benefiting from a preferential customs regime.


Elite Law Firm’s experts have provided legal assistance on the following:

  • Advice and assistance to clients, mining companies in obtaining warehouse concessions in their sites, to facilitate the completion of import and export declaration formalities;
  • Advice and assistance to mining companies in the litigation with the Customs Authority (“DGDA”) concerning the unfoundedness of the penalties imposed on them for allegedly failing to declare imported electrical energy, insofar as it is SNEL that imports the energy and resells it to consumers.

Elite Law Firm’s experts have issued various legal opinions on customs law issues of interest to their clients.

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