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Elite Law Firm boasts a track record of tangible expertise in advice and assistance on corporate law. In general, Elite Law Firm advises and assists its clients in the field of incorporation, registrations, mergers, spin-outs, transformation and dissolution of any form or kind of company.

To this effect, Elite Law Firm drafts on behalf of its clients and prepare various corporate acts (articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes of the general meetings of associates or shareholders, company regulations, minutes of board of directors and management board, minutes of decisions of managers or of management, shareholders agreements, minutes of transfer of shares contract or shareholding).

Especially, concerning the corporations or other companies in distress, Elite Law Firm advises and assists its clients on preventive regulation, judicial reorganization and asset liquidation, insolvency and rehabilitation, remedies in judicial reorganization and asset liquidation, bankrupt and other breaches. Elite Law Firm also advises, assists and represents its clients in legal or arbitral litigation related to disputes opposing shareholders and third parties.

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