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Elite Law Firm’s lawyers and consultants, remaining keen on the best interest of their clients, have an elitist vision for the progress and prosperity of their clients and, by extension, the development of the country and Africa. This is both a goal and a value that the firm cultivates in and around its lawyers and consultants.

The firm’s uniqueness is based on a better understanding of the law, a complementarity of expertise and experience amongst its members and a continuous adjustment to the evolution of the law.

 Elite Law Firm’s lawyers and consultants want to put their expertise, their legal know-how and the best of themselves at the service of their clients for the legal security of their business and their businesses. As a result, they particularly aim at the development of Africa in general and the DRC in particular by accompanying investments with appropriate advice.

Africa is the continent of opportunities, and the DRC the country of opportunities because of huge business opportunities they provide. Elite Law Firm, for its part, offers its clients from America, Asia, Australia and Europe who are attracted by the business opportunities in Africa and the DRC the expertise of its lawyers and their long proven experience in their areas of practice, to secure their investments.

Finally, Elite Law Firm aims to maintain and perpetuate its leadership in all areas of practice vis-à-vis its clients to whom the firm offers a billing adapted to their needs, and negotiable at billable hourly rates or flat rates.

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Avenue Lukusa n° 50
Immeuble L’Horizon, Suite 203
Kinshasa, DRC
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    Mining and Quarries and Business Law Expert | Elite Law Firm
    Avenue Lukusa n° 50 Immeuble L’Horizon, Suite 203 Kinshasa, DRC
    +243 815 488 334

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