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The development of trade and the establishment of industries lead to an important activity of legal services for the protection of trademarks and non-commercial patents and intellectual works within the framework of intellectual, literary and artistic property law.

Elite Law Firm lawyers and consultants have developed over the years the expertise in the service of registration of intellectual, literary and artistic rights. These lawyers and intellectual property agents have proven experience in the procedure of protection of intellectual property rights.

Elite Law Firm’s attorneys and consultants conduct investigations/surveys that are systematically contextualized and meet a specific, strictly defined objective, including advising and assisting clients in prior art searches, filing, maintenance and litigation relating to patents, trademarks, service marks, industrial designs, trade names and literary and artistic property.

Elite Law Firm facilitates the registration of patents (invention, improvement, import, etc.), software and domain names, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights and neighboring rights, registration and promotion certificates, and operating licenses with the relevant authorities.

Elite Law Firm also monitors the continued validity of the rights thus registered. Elite Law Firm advises, assists and represents its clients in infringement litigation, negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to intellectual property rights (assignment, transfer, license, etc.).

Specifically, as intellectual property agents, Elite Law Firm’s lawyers advise local and international clients on matters relating to the protection of their trademarks and logos, and represent them before the Ministry of Industry and in related litigation.


Elite Law Firm’s lawyers have assisted and advised several clients in the registration of their trademarks, brands,  and service marks.

Elite Law Firm’s lawyers work in close collaboration with several other law firms in the world, notably from the USA, South Africa, Canada…, in assisting their clients in the DRC.

They assist their clients in the negotiations and conclusions of franchises, transfers of industrial rights.

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