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Elite Law Firm advises and assists its clients on matters pertaining to the registration, or amendments or cancellations of the trade registry, , commercial leases, cessions of goodwill and on their role as intermediaries, commissioners, brokers, and commercial agents.

Elite Law Firm advises and assists its clients in the conclusion and drafting of commercial contracts. This forms part of the regular activities of Elite Law Firm’s lawyers and experts.

In order to secure the interests of its clients, the commercial lawyers intervene and assist clients not only during the conclusion of commercial contracts, but also in case of litigation with a co-contractor before national and/or international courts.


The experts of Elite Law Firm have provided legal assistance on:

  • Advice and assistance to a commercial company in the cession of its business goodwill;
  • Advice and assistance to a Canadian company in the constitution of a security agent and the registration of contracts of pledge of merchant goods, pledge of bank accounts, assignment of goodwill in the trade and personal property credit register of a debt of 175 000 000 USD granted to a Congolese company.

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