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As an adviser to forestry operators, Elite Law Firm is involved in the interpretation and application of the forestry legislation and provide advice on the granting of forests exploitation rights, particularly the forestry exploitation concession as well as the enforcement of obligations deriving from the forestry legislation in force.


Elite Law Firm’s experts have provided legal assistance in the following transactions:

  • Assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of joint venture agreement between a DRC company and an American company for the exploitation of a forestry project in the former province of Equateur in the DRC.
  • Due diligence for a Singapore company for the acquisition of a forestry company in the DRC and securing a forestry concession as well as the applicable authorizations to the exploitation of forestry products.
  • Assistance to the DRC government in the arbitration before the ICSID involving operations related to the processing of forestry products.
  • Advice and assistance to a Swedish company in the negotiation of a memorandum of understanding with a Congolese company for the joint exploitation of two logging concessions located in the Equateur province: due diligence, drafting of a due diligence report, rectification of the legal problems found and signature of a joint venture agreement and creation of a joint exploitation company;
  • Due diligence on behalf of a British company for the acquisition of 2 logging concessions located in the Equateur province, and one logging concession located in the Tshopo province.

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