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Elite Law Firm advises and assists its clients and potential investors in the telecommunications sector by providing opinions on relevant issues related to the sector. Elite Law Firm gives to its clients the necessary legal assistance with a view to obtaining, depending on the case, approval, certification or operation license from the relevant administration. Further, Elite Law Firm advises its clients in negotiating administrative and technical clauses included in the contract conditions regarding the reliability of equipment, the cost and quality of services, and on how to meet the operation conditions in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


  • Elite Law Firm conducted a due diligence for an Angolan company wishing to acquire a telecommunications company in the DRC (Capricorn Project);
  • Elite Law Firm advised and assisted a French company in the legal due diligence for the merger between its Congolese subsidiary and another Congolese telecommunications company owned by a Dutch company.

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