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Elite Law Firm advises, assists and represents insurance and re-insurance companies, insurance cooperatives as well as insurance brokers wishing operating in jurisdictions covered by Elite Law Firm.

Services for this clientele include:

  • Preparation, filing and management of applications files for approval for all branches of insurance;
  • Advice and assistance in litigation for approval both before the insurance regulatory and control authority (ARCA), the granting authority and before decision-making bodies for administrative litigations;
  • Advice and assistance for issues relating to compliance with the insurance regulation and with all other regulatory requirements applicable to the sector;
  • Advice, assistance and representation in insurance litigation, in particular for the compensation of victims of disasters.


Elite Law Firm’s experts have provided legal assistance on the following transactions amongst others:

  • Several legal opinions for a number of clients on the conditions for deployment of their activities in the DRC subsequent to the liberalization of the insurance sector;
  • Assistance to a DRC bank in litigation regarding compensating a South African insurance company for an amount of US $7 million;
  • Legal opinion for an Australian bank on the conditions for supplying insurance products to Australian nationals hired in a branch of an Australian company in DRC;
  • Assistance provided in the Republic of Congo to a DRC bank in litigation for a compensation dispute against an insurance company incorporated in the Republic of Congo for an amount of US $400 thousand.

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