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Mr Arsène Kabey Muyej was admitted as an Lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Haut-Katanga since August 24, 2017, so he has nearly 4 years of experience in the practice of Law in the Democratic Republic of Congo;

He is a research assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Kolwezi (UNIKOL) since 2018;

Mr Arsène KABEY MUYEJ has worked for the Kolwezi-based Law Firm Patrick KAZANGA & Partners (PK&P), as well as for the Kolwezi correspondent of the Law Firm Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates, SCP (“EMW&A, SCP”);

He is experienced in the practice of Corporate, Business, Commercial, Labour and Land, as well as Litigation Laws;

In those capacities, he worked on the incorporation of certain Commercial Companies and participated in several simplified debt collection procedures in accordance with OHADA Community Law;

Mr Arsene Kabey Muyej is a member of ELITE LAW FIRM, professional civil society, a Law Firm of Mining and Quarrying Agents under Congolese law, with its main office in Kinshasa and two secondary offices, one based in Lubumbashi and the other in Kolwezi.

ABOUT ARLY KHUTY DIKIESEEducation and Biography

Arly KHUTY DIKIESE, Esq. holds a B.A in law from William Booth University since 2006. His professional practice focuses on general commercial law, commercial company law,surety law, simplified recovery procedures and enforcement procedures , insurance law, land and real estate law, transportation law ( maritime and land), hydrocarbon law, administrative dispute, customs law, tax law as well as public finance law.

Arly Khuty DIKIESE,Esq. has rich experience in the drafting of company deeds, different types of civil and commercial contracts, legal due diligence in different legal fields. He has a proven practice in litigation and all other forms of conflict resolution.

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Avenue Lukusa n° 50 Immeuble L’Horizon, Suite 203 Kinshasa, DRC
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